The Shiverick Inn

Grand Elegance

Standing guard at the entrance to historic Edgartown, The Shiverick Inn welcomes you to this seaside village of 19th century mansions, built during the town's heyday as a whaling port. White picket fences, daintily manicured gardens and ancient, spreading linden trees are the hallmarks of this peaceful town.

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Business Credits And Personal Credit Cards Mixing The Two Is Not Advised

Anybody in business will tell you not to mix your business credit with personal, but sometimes this can be difficult because some lenders do combine the two. If you are concerned about using business credit cards to build personal credit, you really shouldn't be. It should be the exact opposite. 
You do not want to have too much debt. Chances are you were able to get a business credit card because your personal finances are in good shape. The moment you combine the two and start using business credit for personal items, is when your debt to income ration will balloon. That is not going to be favorable to your FICO score which is what many lenders look at when they are determine your credit worthiness. 
Keep business separate with personal and do not combine the two. If you have large business debts it can seriously affect your personal credit score, which in turn will harm your chances of getting vehicles loans or a mortgage. 
Business credit cards can build personal credit if you have a booming business where you don't have a lot of outstanding debt. In that case yes, your personal credit will be helped. But why risk that chance of something happening in business, which at any time could if the economy goes sour. Then you are in difficult situation because your personal credit will be harmed. 
Be smart about and think twice about building personal credit through business. Experts say that you should keep the two separate, since the moment you combine the two all of that business debt will go on your personal record. You can't really believe that will be helpful in getting a personal loan, right? 
Do not think even think about taking out personal credit unless you need to. If you have a successful business then pay in cash because you can afford to. If you start getting into bad personal credit habits it can affect your business, so think twice about how you manage your money. 
Speak with a financial counselor if you are unsure of where to get credit and how to best utilize your finances between personal and business accounts. With successful planning you shouldn't have any problems, but never let any tell you that it is smart to use business cards to help your personal financial picture.